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In Ratnapark, Kathmandu, a man was selling emergency lights for very cheap price. In an attempt to comfort my doubts, he replied to me that all of them contained at least some minor defects, and therefore, were for sale at a crazy cheap price. I felt very happy to buy the attractive looking emergency light for a cheap price. However, my happiness slowly faded away with the fading brightness of the light that was once very dazzling. I was hopeful that the dazzling light will resume after re-charging it. To my surprise, it did not. I unscrewed the light only to find out how the light was given life for a moment or so. There were about 6 old batteries that were powering the light for a while, until someone like me falls in the thug’s trap.

I went to visit Rupaidiya, an Indian market at the Nepal-India border. Grapes  were selling there at a very cheap price. I picked some good bunches of grapes, and gave the seller to weigh it. After getting into my room, I found that only the first bunch on the top was the one I picked, and the rest ones were ungrouped and half-damaged grapes. The Indian seller should have been so quick to change my plastic that I did not notice it even being in his front.

These are only two representative examples to show how we are getting fooled and looted by people around us. There are countless such incidents in our country, and in fact we are crazily trapped in this vicious cycle, as are parasites.

The major occupations we adopt to sustain our lives are farming, teaching, business, healthcare, and so on. Farmers use excessive chemicals to grow their crops/vegetables or animals/birds at a faster rate, which become poison-laden food for other society members. Next, the businessmen not only sells food items but also electronics, clothes and so on. Excessive hike in price(inflation), adulteration, cheating and exaggerated description on items, are how they make us pay many fold more than a reasonable price. Next, eating such foods (grown and sold by farmers and businessmen respectively), many people get diseased soon and frequently, and have to visit a doctor. Many of the doctors are not going to treat like how normal treatment procedures should go on. They are going to order as many lab/radiological tests as possible along with the prescription of excessive expensive medicines. This helps the doctor get paid more money indirectly. Probably, teaching is the profession where there is no direct way of earning more, and so is why many students do not opt for it. However, the clever ones teach lethargically in the class, and energetically during tuition/coaching, putting the secondary means of earning like a compulsive choice for the students.

The vicious cycle of looting each other is very succinct, and is not going to change with weak and inefficient reform policies or actions. At least what we can do is to realize, and have lesser effects on ourselves.

Prodeep Paudel, Helsinki, Finland

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