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Making out time for self to explore around is really tough these days. I try my best to be active enough to travel around in order to reach variety of people. But all in vain, the technologies around me are so amazing that I prefer watching television or surfing through internet to learn about people rather than exploring myself.

One morning, I convinced myself that I would set out a journey to Manakamana with my father. Of course, there were three ways to reach there, by legs, by bus or by cable car. I had to make choice. I never thought about bus as for the poor road condition, but I was confused between other two options. First, I thought to choose easier path to reach hill top, i.e. through cable car. But then I encouraged myself to choose walking.

We set out. We had a destination in our mind, i.e. to reach Manakamana. But the destination was not enough for us to motivate ourselves to cross almost about two hills to reach the third one. Slowly and gradually, stopping at every step and breathing heavily, we took 4 hours to reach Manakamana. So, yes, overall, we completed our journey and that’s what it counts in everyone’s life, the completion of a journey.

Gradually, when we were heading upward, in each step we could view different scenario. Of course, the scenes were same but after each step they seemed a bit far from us and a different vision was developed within us. Travelling through tough steps, we met variety of people who shared their life journey. We were fascinated by their story because we can’t imagine ourselves to walk up and down through those hills every day. At least I can’t imagine myself in their position. Similarly, we got to know the different beautiful world hidden inside those dark forests. Also, the smiles and calmness in the face of people residing there despite thousands of difficulties was a source of inspiration. How can any of us residing in major cities, encircled with transportation all time, having internet facility for all 24 hours ever imagine that the places exist where the transportation is difficult, where the network is not reachable most of the times? But this is reality, there are thousands of places in Nepal, all hidden inside beautiful dense forest, between mighty trees and in the extreme parts of hills where transportation is indeed very difficult. There are places where people carry patients from hill top to the very base for more than 2-3 hours. It seems like a story for us, but these places exist. And what are we supposed to do about these places? We are supposed to improve their conditions if we can. But if we are really unable to do something for their conditions, we can do one thing, i.e. to learn to merry in their world. The world where they live may not be so advanced but that world is filled with happiness, love and care for not only family members but for entire village, which is rarely found in modern cities. The respect for each other and the sweet voices talking about their sorrow with the smile on their faces are not seen everywhere. I didn’t mean to say we should leave our work and go to those villages for rest of our life, but what I mean to say is that there exist a world where the things are not like how we have. There is a world hidden somewhere deep inside the sorrow and happiness and all we need to do is to discover the beauty of such places. We need to acknowledge the reality of those hidden world because that is what a real Nepali society looks like.

I was so mesmerized by the beauty of the people living there, the beautiful landscape viewed during the entire journey that I promised myself to grab each such opportunity through which I can get to know more about the beautiful small Nepali world. So I believe we all need to take out time from our advanced technical life to explore around and celebrate with beautiful people despite our monotonous life.

 – Anupama Ghimire, Kathmandu Nepal

Featured Image Credit: Suzanne Lee

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