Secrets behind IT Training in USA for job placement

Secrets behind IT Training in USA for job placement

Many consultancies here in US offer free IT Training (mostly QA/BA/SQL Developer) with free guest house facilities. They promise to place you in a high paying job after completion of your training.  Isn’t it cool to get a free training and to get a job even if you don’t have a degree or IT/computer science related degree?

Well everyone at very first thinks it’s a great deal (small lottery)

But is it that easy to get a job? And will you be able to do a job with just one month training? A BIG???

Here is a Hidden detail about running IT business.

  1. First you will see advertisements from IT consultancies that pulls your attention. Here is how they advertise:it-ad
  2. Then you send email(s) to those consultancies and let them know that you are interested. Till this point, you are dreaming that the training will be something related to some software and then you will be sent to a job where you will use the same software to perform your job duties.
  3. Then they take your short phone interview asking the following questions;
    1. What is your education background?
    2. Are you a US citizen or have Green Card or Student?
    3. They will ask if you know something about computer related things like SQL, Excel, Word, Visio, Power Point, Share Point, Outlook etc.
  4. They will inform you that you qualify for their training program and will ask you to join their upcoming new training class.
  5. The very first day you will meet your recruiter and they will give a short orientation. They will ask you to sign a 10 page long contract where they will mention that you will not leave this consultancy for next 6 months and also they will mention that if they became unsuccessful to place a job for you in 6 months, you will be free to go if you want. They will keep copy of all your information like Driver License, Green Card/Passport etc.
  6. From second day you will start taking their training classes. You will feel same way as you used to do at your college time (11 &12). There will be more than 3 different trainer teaching you on same subject matter.



Before we move on how and what they teach you. I would like to give some details on IT job;

There are many domains in IT fields like Healthcare, Mortgage, Bank, Credit Card, Finance, Railway, Insurance, etc.  All domain has their own work environment which means different software, data system and terminology.

Healthcare domain in itself is huge, they can be a provider  or claim processor or hospital. Provider, Hospital and Claim processing firm they all are huge and differ from each other.

Let’s talk about what Consultancies will do. They will teach you both class for QA and BA together side by side even if you are only interested for one. Business Analyst (BA) is the one which will require high level of communication and low level of technical expertise while Quality Assurance Analyst (QA) will require low level of communication and high level of technical expertise.

Click Here to see their sample 5 weeks training schedule

They will teach you following things;

  1. Basic simple SQL+
  2. Manual testing with software “Quick Test Professional” (QTP); some will tech automation too but that will require VB Script knowledge.
  3. Quality Center (QC); a bug reporting software.
  4. Some basic knowledge how Healthcare Insurance works like (co-pay, deductible, out of pocket etc.)
  5. Software Testing Life Cycle. And some little more on other domain.

30 days of your training goes so fast that you don’t even realize that now you are so called ‘Ready for Marketing‘.

At this point everyone will decide to only apply job for one domain. Most of them will choose Healthcare as it has high demand. You will be asked to prepare a FAKE RESUME which has 5 years of experience here in Unities states. On weekend everyone will start reading materials to be prepared for the domain they choose.

Click here to see How a Fake Resume for Healthcare Domain will look like

Are you scared now??

The next day morning starting at around 8:30 am, you will start getting bunch of emails from marketers, all these email are the job openings on different domains. All job will ask at least 5 years of experience which you don’t have.

Click here to see how a Healthcare domain Job vacancy requirements looks like

All of sudden you will receive a call from your marketer; they will let you know that you will get a vendor interview call in next 30 minutes. Marketer will use different resume that he had on his database for that position. Guess what?? You will be lucky if they apply for the domain that you were preparing for. They will apply for any domain. They only worry about how to send you on job.

Example of connection between hiring company and consultancy

Hiring Company- —1st Vendor—2nd Vendor—–Consultancy

Let’s say if  Hiring Company pays $65/hr. for your position, 1st vendor will take $10 out of it and gives $55/hr to second vendor, and second vendor will take another $10 and gives $45 to your consultancy. Consultancy will take $15-20/hr and will give you $25-30/hr.

Let’s talk about the application process.

You will have to face 1 to 3 different vendor interview call before your resume is forwarded to hiring company. Vendor interview calls are not that technical, mostly they will cross check your GC/US citizenship status, and work experience.

It’s really hard to pass all these vendor call and to reach final Hiring Company which will some time require you to come for face to face interview or some time they will require you for Skype interview.

Most importantly marketer will apply you to a more than 2 job in daily basis. You will have to track your interview dates, your submitted resume. Expect to get two to three different interview calls in one day. It’s really hard to manage all these. You will be lucky if you will only apply for one domain and used same resume for all application. Otherwise you will have to remember all different companies that you worked on your FAKE RESUME. Usually you will put at least experience from three different companies on your each resume.

Let’s say you have resume1, resume2, resume3 and resume4. And you submitted resume1 for BCBS Healthcare Company for first time. Within a month period you will apply for more than 50 companies. And what happens if you submit two different resume for same company? You will be on their blacklist and you will never ever get job there.

Ok now let’s talks about the situation after you will be scheduled for interview with final hiring manager.

Consultancy, You, Recruiter and Marketer, they all know that you won’t be able to make it. So they will try to schedule a phone interview. Once phone interview is scheduled, they will call their interview cracker (someone who is working on that domain). Once you get call they will instruct you to connect your call with interview cracker, so interview cracker will handle your phone interview and you be just only listening to them. Interview cracker will get $500 reward for each interview that he/she cracked.

On Skype interview they will do a lip talking, you will act like you are talking but in actual the cracker will be talking sitting behind the computer.


What if you get a job?

Some consultancy will give one way ticket and $300 to start your new challenging career. You are on your own, there will not be anyone who will speak for you in your real job. If you survive; good for everyone, if not then you will have to come back again and start the same application process.

There are many Nepali, Indian, Chinese, Pakistani people working on this IT field. You should be able to make a good relation within a couple days of your job start, they can be helpful for you. They can help you with your task and that’s how so many people are surviving on this IT world. Once you have some experience from your struggling career, you will need no more help from cracker to get job.


Conclusion: It is not legal to submit fake resume and fake documentation. It is not really easy as we think at very beginning. But if you don’t give up then it is possible.

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