Earn Points When You Search, Browse, and Shop – Redeem Points Towards Gift Crads

Earn Points When You Search, Browse, and Shop


First, create your Microsoft Account. You can use your existing any email ID (gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, outlook etc)

Verify your Microsoft Account on email you provided.

Then login to Bing with your Microsoft account which you just created.

Then go to bing.com or make Bing as your default browser.

Start Earning Rewards for searching and redeem your points towards gift cards or you can redeem points on sweepstakes.

Below is what you get on your First Day

Everyone will get 20 points as a starting bonus. Take a tour = 50 points, Rewards Challenge = 50 points, Coffee Break Quiz = 30 points, Holiday saving = 10 points, 5 points per search on PC and up to 150 points per day = 150 points, 5 points per search and Earn up to 100 points per day on mobile  = 100 points.


How much points worth???

1000 points = $1


You can make 465 points = $0.465 on your first day.

Guess what then??

You can still make 150 points on PC + 100 points on mobile each day and points for playing quiz….

You can expect up to $10  worth points each month.


Bing Searching Criteria: You can search any word or anything; like search for hey, what, how, when, why etc….  

How to redeem points??

You can redeem points through gift cards or you can buy stuff through Bing.

Example: skype credits, xbox gift card, rent movies and many more

There used to be gift card option for Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks coffee and many more which they don’t have now. Bing says they are “Temporarily unavailable” so keep searching and keep collecting points so that when these options are back again, you can redeem for your favorite store.

They recently changed their point earning system so probably this is the reason why they removed these gift card options.

Previous Offer

2 search = 1 points and 100 points = $1; you could only get max of 15 points on PC and 10 points on Mobile search

New Offer

1 search = 5 points and 1000 points = $1; you can get max of 150 points on PC and 100 on mobile search

Earning points are different but both system worth value same.

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