Janardan Mishra (जनार्दन मिश्र)

Janardhan is an avid supporter of social justice and equality. He spends his leisure time studying literature, sociology, management, inspirational books and following his passion in travelling. He lives with his family in Chesapeake, Virginia

Education: Master in Public Administration, Strayer University

Published Book: Khusiko Khojima in Nepali language (खुसीको   खोजीमा), CLOUDS HAVE SILVER LINING TOO

The book ” CLOUDS HAVE SILVER LINING TOO” is written by Mr Janardan Mishra (a member of the Hampton Roads Nepalese Community)

The title of the book itself depicts the theme that nobody should give up his/her dream with a few strokes of failures but continue to pursue to fulfil their desires to do something in life. The writer says we all look for happiness in life but most of us cannot achieve 100% happiness and if somebody claims it, he or she should be out of mind or insane. Our purpose should be to find out the middle path to remain happy even without full achievement of our desires and aspirations.  It is clearly mentioned that all the human beings are naturally kind, sensitive, supportive and willing to help each other in spite of different religions, culture and languages and may be less than 0.5% are disoriented to behave differently in disturbing harmony and peace in the society.

He gives the ideal example of the behavior of Nepalese people during the first few weeks after the earthquake in Nepal.  The writer explains clearly that we cannot enjoy the heavenly smell of roses if we focus on its surrounding of dirty mud and water where it grows. So, happiness is the result of our way of thinking and it is within us and there is no need to run after it.

The whole book deals with the ways to focus on the brighter side of life than remaining sick of frustration, humiliation and restlessness. The book has 100 small chapters and each one directly touches our daily life and guides as a mirror to look ourselves every day and remain calm and peaceful. It is written in a very simple language with clarity and specific purpose to follow the right vision on our own behavior.


Note: This book is available from NCHR (donation to NCHR) or from the writer himself through his email ( [email protected])



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