$15 Christmas Gift from GOOGLE to Everyone–HURRY UP


Select up to $15 worth item and get it for free


You will get one day overnight free shipping too

Go to


For now there only 19 stores from where you buy products.

Here are easy steps

  1. Go to google.com/express

  2. Select any product that you like which is up to $15 from 19 different stores like target, Cosco, Pier1, Adoroma, Kohls etc.

  3. Add to cart and go to checkout

  4. Fill out your name, shipping address, choose your delivery window and payment method.

  5. Each store has its own set minimum purchase for free shipping. However, you can all store has same $15 minimum purchase cap for free shipping. What does this mean??Let’s take an example of store “Paragon Sport or Kohl’s” which has $15 minimum purchase for free shipping. If you choose this store and your total cart amount is $15 or more than you will get free shipping without any service charge plus $15 off with promo code. If your cart total amount is less than $15 then you will see a small service of $3. So try to match your cart total price with store minimum to avoid that $3 service charge.

  1. Use any of following Promo Code for $15 off.

$15 off ANY purchase + FREE shipping! 


 $15 off your first purchase


No matter which promo code you use, you will get $15 off your first purchase and you will be given a option to check if you want to try free three month trail google express free shipping. Remember you can use this free shipping service for three month and then you will be charged either $10/month or $95/year for further service. You can cancel your membership anytime you want.

I am a peanuts lover so this is what I bought with my $15.



 Do you want another $15 off  for your household member too ? Follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to my account

  2. Click membership

  3. Share your membership

  4. Enter your household member’s email ID (gmail only)

  5. Hit invite

  6. Ask your member to open email and  to accept your invitation

  7. Go to www.google.com/express 

  8. Add $15 or more worth item to your cart

  9. Go to checkout

  10. Use Promo Code  XTQPB74WE and enjoy $15 off and overnight free shipping

I hope you enjoyed this small effort from Gyangun. We would would like to hear your feedback. Please leave comment or send us email.

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