LOVE YOURSELF FIRST – Janardhan Mishra

Yes, love yourself first. Most of us have the habit of comparing ourselves and find defects like I am shorter than someone, or I am too tall like a bamboo, I am not beautiful or handsome as someone, I am not educated, I am not rich, my wife is not beautiful, my children could not succeed in life, my house is small, my husband does not have good job, I have no good car etc.

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The title of the book itself depicts the theme that nobody should give up his/her dream with a few strokes of failures but continue to pursue to fulfil their desires to do something in life. The writer says we all look for happiness in life but most of us cannot achieve 100% happiness and if somebody claims it, he or she should be out of mind or insane. Our purpose should be to find out the middle path to remain happy even without full achievement of our desires and aspirations. It is clearly mentioned that all the human beings are naturally kind, sensitive, supportive and willing to help each other in spite of different religions, culture and languages and may be less than 0.5% are disoriented to behave differently in disturbing harmony and peace in the society.

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बिज्ञान, संस्कार र लाहुरे बैज्ञानीक – भविन धिताल

            बिज्ञान, संस्कार र लाहुरे बैज्ञानीक बिज्ञान के हो भनेर परिभाषा दिनमिल्ने बिषय होइन, यो प्रयोग गरेर देखिने र बुझिने बिषय हो। नेपालमा बिज्ञानको कहिले कसरी सुरुवात भयो त्यसको एकिन ज्ञान नभएपनी बिज्ञानको बिकास भने छैन, पटक्कै छैन, यो कुरामा दुबिधा नहोला। हालको बिज्ञान नेपालको बिज्ञानमा महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निर्वाह गरेको नेशनल एकाडेमी अफ साइन्स लामो समयदेखी सकृय भईरहेपनी कता कसरी सकृय भएको हो बुझ्न साह्रै कठिन छ। बिज्ञान दिवश मनाउनको लागि असोज १ गते कतै भेला हुने बाहेक अन्त मैले खासै यसको उपस्थिती देखेको छैन।…

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निकै नै राम्रो गजल “सुन्य” – पदम परियार

दिन काट्न कति साह्रो

रात झनै लामो भो
जीवन मेरो सुन्य जस्तै
मक्किएको खामो भो

सारा मन ह्रदय
विश्वास अनि प्रेमको

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I looked at my first story submission rejection email. And I smiled. And I rejoiced. And I am totally sane.

So much of the world is a perception that has been filled in our heads, first by the society and then by our experiences.
There are subjects we think we can feel or expect to feel because we have been told about them. And while these descriptions are often true, the way we truly feel is something only we can uncover.

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